FAQ’s School Transport – Academic Year 2017-18

1. How do I apply for a place on the school bus for my son or daughter?

All Year 7 students will receive an application form by post from Hummersknott Academy.
Year 8-11 renewals for non-statutory (paid) will be contacted by Hummersknott Academy with a web link to an online application form.
Year 8-11 renewals for statutory (‘free’) transport will be contacted by School Transport at Darlington Borough Council.


2. Will the school bus be ‘free’?

Darlington Borough Council has a duty to make the necessary travel arrangements for ‘eligible children’ under Section 508B of the Education Act 1996.
The Council will provide ‘free’ transport in the following circumstance
• To the nearest appropriate school which is more than 3 miles from the parental address
• To children entitled to free school meals or those families in receipt of the maximum working tax credit to:-
1 of their 3 nearest schools which is more than 2 miles but less than 6 miles


3. If I don’t qualify for ‘free’ transport can I still apply for a place?

Hummersknott Academy has agreed to offer a limited number of additional places on existing routes. The spaces are limited and there is no guarantee every student who applies will be allocated a place. This offer only applies to children living two miles or more from the school.

4. How much will the charge be?

Parents/Guardians will be charged a maximum of £3 per day per student. If a family has more than one child on the bus, the first child will be charged £3 with a reduction of 10% for the second child (£2.70) and 20% per child thereafter (£2.40).

5. Will there be a reimbursement for sickness absence, holiday absence, exclusion etc?



6. What is the procedure if I no longer require a seat on the bus?

If a child no longer requires the seat on the bus the parent must inform Hummersknott Academy of their decision and return the pass. A refund will be calculated on the date the pass is received.


7. How can payment be made?

If you are successful in obtaining a fare-paying place Hummersknott Academy will make arrangements with you to collect payments. We offer parents a variety of ways to make payments including cash, cheque or online via ParentPay. Passes will not be issued until payment has been received. Payment must be received termly in advance.


8. If I am successful in gaining a fare paying place will this be for the duration of my child’s education?

We will endeavour to provide transport for the full five years of your child’s secondary education. However, this cannot be guaranteed as circumstances may change at any time. This transport will be known as non-statutory transport.