Visitors to School

Safeguarding - Please read this carefully


Important Information for all Visitors

Child Protection/Safeguarding Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Hummersknott Academy is a Prevent Academy and operates in line with the HM Government Counter-terrorism and Security Act 2015.

Any engagement or activity which promotes extremist behaviour or engenders radicalisation will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


Child Protection 

Visitors without official clearance are not permitted in school unless accompanied by a member of staff.


Categories of abuse - Neglect, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse.

Please report any suspicious injury or dialogue, no matter how small, to the Designated Safeguarding Lead - Kay Kelly or deputies -  Fiona Cairns, Emma Clark, Debra Craggs, Julie Garnett, Max Merifield and Dee Wrightson.

Contact via Main Reception


How you may become involved

•          Sighting of an injury about which there is no clear explanation.

•          A child may want to tell you about something that is happening to them.

•          Another person may express concerns about a child’s well being.

•          You may have noticed significant changes in a child’s behaviour/performance in school.

•          You may overhear a conversation that concerns you regarding a child’s safety or wellbeing.


What to do

•          Listen – non-judgementally.

•          Ask open questions if you need to clarify but do not investigate.

•          Do not compromise confidentiality – explain you may need to refer it to someone.

•          Reassure the child, but avoid physical contact.

•          Report any suspicious injury/dialogue no matter how small to the designated person as soon as possible.


As a visitor you have legal responsibility for the care and Health and Safety of yourself and others.  All accidents must be reported to main reception.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on site.

Car parking - vehicles and contents left at owners risk.

Fire Alarm - If the bell sounds continuously please leave the building by the nearest exit and report to the assembly point on the 3G pitch.

Please sign out at main reception and return your pass upon leaving the building.