Systems Engineering

1.Context. Brief. Planning
10.Specification development
12.circuit development
13.PCB development 2
14.Production diary
15.photographic evidence of making
2.Task analysis
3. Systems research analysis
4.Materials research
5.production methods. circuit board research
6.client profile. questionnaire. design criteria
7.Designs. systems digrams
9.production plan. design matrix
Bicycles road safety 2018
components quick test
Health and Safety
Human factors
ICT in manufacturing
Manufacturing and Quality
Product maintenance
S and C analysing systems and flow charts
S and C Basics of a system
S and C Circuit prototyping
S and C components
S and C Energy
S and C exam calculations
S and C mechanisms
S and C resistors ohms law potential dividers and multimeters
S and C social cultural and moral issues