French Ambassadors

Congratulation to the following Y10 students!

Catherine Roberts
Maya Taylor
Jemma Snowdon

They have recently been appointed as French ambassadors because of their excellent attitude, good understanding and command of the French language in lessons, and because of their willingness to work with others to help and support them in their learning. The Ambassadors have already started working once a week with a small group of Y8 students, and are revising and consolidating the perfect tense with them in order to help them meet their targets and do well in the forthcoming exams. They will also be available to help with any Y7,8 and/or Y9 students who would like a bit of extra help consolidating vocabulary or explain a tricky grammatical point. If you would like any support, please ask, and it can be arranged!

We would love to have some more Y10 students as French Ambassadors so, if you would like to be considered, please talk to Mrs Howarth. You will be surprised how helping others will help you to learn and progress yourself!