Hockey Festival

Mowden school years 5 and 6 played in a hockey festival with the year 7s at the beginning of November.  The year 7s were excellent role models for the younger students.

Year10 students, Hannah Mulroy, Amy Lamb and Bethany Lamb did an job umpiring on the evening.

The year 7 players were: Will Carrol, Fin Braden, Ben Grant, Summer Spibey, Lily Thompson, Issy Laver, Elizabeth Roberts, Anna Briggs, Frankie Kinnear and Savannah Rowell.


* * * * * * * * * 


Y8 Indoor Hockey

The year 8 hockey team played in a five-a-side indoor match against Longfield on 9 November. Longfield had one team whilst Hummersknott had two teams. It was an excellent effort and play by all.

The results were as follows:

Team 1 v Longfield,  6-0, goals by Layna Chang 3, Aimee Caton 1, Esmee MacDonald 1 and Jess Burnham 1.
Team 1 v Team 2,    4-0, goals by Layna Chang 2 and Katie Jackson 2.                                                     Team 2 v Longfield,  0-2

The squads were:

Team 1
Katie Jackson (Captain), Jess Burnham, Esmee MacDonald, Lana Harris, Layna Chang, Aimee Caton

Team 2 
Maddie Coltman (Captain), Freya Wilson, Imogen Bage, Libbby Aitken, Olivia Bell, Hannah Haymen


* * * * * * * * *


Y9 Hockety

Hummersknott hosted the town Y9 seven-a-side friendly hockey league on 1 November.

The participants were Longfield and Carmel with one team each and Hummersknott with three teams. Great effort by all.

Team 1, were unbeaten, wining three games and drawing one.
Team 2, won one, drew two and lost one.
Team 3, drew one and lost 3 (but only 0-1).

The team squads were:

Team 1 - Catherine Wilson, Cerys Burnside, Sophie Sparrow-Woods, Shannon Duggan, Niamh MacMurray (captain), Daisy Craven and Eve Wilson.

Team 2 - Ely Kershaw (captain), Emily Leister, Lorna Sinclaire, Millie Hall, Holly Cockrill, Amber Renwick and Grace Thompson.

Team 3 - Estella Borge- Reece, Millie Briggs, Grace Rayner, Lily Howitt, Kalila Tarn, Amy Draycott and Charlotte MacMurray (captain).


* * * * * * * * *


Y10 7 a-side Hockey

Well done to the following year 10 hockey girls who played in a 7 a-side hockey game against Carmel.
Our A team won 4-0 (goals by Hannah Mulroy - 3 and Bethany Lamb 1).  Our B team lost 4-2 but great effort (goals by Charlotte Pinkney and Hayley Jobling).
A fantastic effort by all.

A team

Hannah Mulroy (captain), Bethany Lamb, Amy Lamb, Carys Stapley, Ava Dolby, New Chimin, Hannah Fairly, 


B team

Rosie Thompson (captain), Hayley Joblin, Charlotte Pinkney, Emily Coltman, Olivia Mitchell, Imogen Earle, Jasmine Garbutt