English Schools' Swimming Championships, London Aquatic Centre, 18 November

Our day started out great, with everyone meeting at the train station and we got the 6:32 train to London Kings Cross. One of the best bits of the journey was Jay, Sam and Euan playing top trumps, which lasted for an hour (they were sat next to random person as well).

We eventually got to Kings Cross at 10:00 and took the 10:19 Javelin train from St Pancras to Stratford. Once we Reached that station we went for the 10 minute walk to the Olympic Park and were greeted with queues, although that didn’t dim the mood, after receiving our passes to the aquatic centre, we headed in, after lots of pictures of the pool and stadium itself.

At about 11am, we were ready to start our warm up, and everyone loved swimming in the same pool as Olympic legends, the atmosphere there was also amazing - raging clouds and seats full to the brim – just swimming in the pool was brilliant. Soon after, it was time for the gala to commence, shouting parents and singing the national anthem really set the scene, and our Y7/8 medley 4x50 relay team was up first, and they placed 27th in the country - all smashing their PB’s. Soon after, the intermediate boys were up for their medley relay, and placed an amazing 25th out of the nation. Later in the day, it was time for the freestyle relays, with the junior boys up first (Yr7/8) and after all scoring PB’s, they placed 30th in the country, later were the intermediate boys, our last event, and they did brilliant, placing 12th in the country.

Everyone loved the day, got personal bests in the swims, and loved the atmosphere, we were also very impressed with the pool, especially the starting block which had fancy starts on it to make you go further. Our nerves had died down by the end, being on the edge of our seats knowing we were at the national finals had worn us out, and we were settled down (playing top trumps) on the way back. We were all nervous throughout the day, but we had a great time and loved competing as one of the only northern schools there, Mrs Stokell was very proud of the swimmers and thought the day went smoothly, as well as being impressed by our placing across the nation. We got back to Darlington at about 11:00pm and said bye to Mr Souter and Mrs Stokell. We had a great day!!!!





* * * * * * * *


Water Polo

The water polo team had a close and competitive match against the Dolphin Centre narrowly losing by 12 goals to 10.


The players were William Hopkins, Tom Jagger, CasparClyde, Matthew Coward, Ryan Harvey, Nicky Ayre, John Russell, Adam Russell, Lewis Watkins, Daniel Leaner, Mackenzie Weston Garvey.

Goals were scored by Matthew Coward (2), Ryan Harvey (2), John Russell (1) and Daniel Learner (5)


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