Wins against Hurworth and Carmel sent the team through to the Tees Valley final in March. The 45-5 win over Carmel improved on the previous draw. The team play Carmel again soon in the Cleveland cup.  Well played boys!!

Y8 rugby


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Y8 Rugby

The Year 8 rugby team have continued their winning ways and have won the Durham County Cup.

The squad of 12 and 13 year olds are unbeaten this season. To win the County cup they beat teams from Durham Johnson, Ian Ramsey, Lord Lawson and High Tunstall schools.

The final round was played on a windswept day at Ryton Rugby Club. In the first 5 minutes of play the scrum half was injured, so the team had to reorganise with Harry Edwards playing out of position at scrum half, which he did admirably.

In all the games we scored highly and Matthew Turnbull was the top try scorer – achieving at least two tries in each game.

Stewart Souter, Head of PE, said “It was a magnificent team performance in difficult conditions and the team did well to maintain their unbeaten run.”

Squad : Harry Alderson, Harry Edwards, Jonathan Edwards, Oliver Greaves, Jamie Hughes, Tom Hunt, Mason Jenkinson, Phillip Layfield, Andrew McKenna, Kyle Mckidd, Max Parker, Freddie Richings, Elliot Stanton, Matthew Turnbull, Oliver Watson, Joe Whitehouse.

YR 8 rugby Durham county champs 2018

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Y9 Rugby 14 November

The year 9 boys worked hard last night despite missing a number of key players. They recorded a 30-0 win over Wyvern Academy and a 15-25 loss to Hurworth who they have beaten previously this year.  Well done to all below.

Aran Clennel, Kimi Bishop, James Wilson, Jack Peverell, Luke Nelson, Oliver Butterfield, Joe Thomas, Oliver Guy, Kieran Evans, Sam Watson, Zak Osbourne, Tom Smith, Charlie Pilling, Reece Graham


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Y7 Rugby 8 November - Back to their winning Ways

Congratulations to the Y7 team who had convincing wins against Ian Ramsey English Martyrs and Grangefield last night to progress to the final 8 of the Durham County Cup. Well done to all players below including Kit Hodgson and Harper Mitchell who made their debuts last night. Special thanks also go to Mrs Hallewell for providing last minute additional transport.

Jack Pillling, Tristan Betts, Harry Harrrison, Isaac Sparrow, Tom Sparrow, Joe Dunn, Willaim Hopkins, Liam Hands, Makenzie Watson, Thomas Snaith, Thomas Carter, Dylan MacMurray, Jack Folkes, Toby Coates, Henry Wright


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Y8 Rugby Team Live to Fight Another Day in Cleveland County Cup

The year 8 team drew with Carmel 20-20 on Friday evening. The team thought they had won the game with a try from Matthew Turnbull in fading light in the last play of extra time which unfortunately was disallowed. The game will now be replayed at Hummersknott in the next couple of weeks. Well done to all.

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Y7 Rugby "The Biggest Y7 Ever!"

The Y7s had a tough match away at Carmel on 2 Novembert. They were slightly psyched out by the sight of one of the biggest year 7s I have seen in a long while taking to the field. The team were second best in the first half being down 20-0. After getting there heads around the fact this player needed to be tackled, and trusting that the correct technique would suffice they managed to draw the second half 20-20. A much better finish than start with the prospect of a second attempt next Wednesday in the town tournament. Well done to all.


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Y8 Rugby Team Continues their Winning Streak

The Y8 team remained unbeaten on 31 October. They had convincing wins over Staindrop 20-0, Our Lady of St Bedes 35-0, and Dene Academy 30-5. They now progress to the final eight teams in the Durham County Cup Tournament in January.

Y8 Rubgy


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Y7 Rugby

The Y7s had their first outing last night and performed admirably. They played two games winning the first 30-0 against Ingleby Manor and just losing the second game to a good Our Lady of St Bedes team 15-10. Plenty of potential for the development to come.

Well done to the following Jack Pillling, Tristan Betts, Harry Harrrison, Isaac Sparrow, Tom Sparrow, Joe Dunn, Willaim Hopkins, Liam Hands, Makenzie Watson, Thomas Snaith, Thomas Carter, Dylan MacMurray, Jack Folkes, Toby Coates, Henry Wright



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Year 9 Rugby

Y9 rugby

The Y9 boys' team played well to progress to the next group stage of the Durham County cup. The team included good performances from San Ridley Joe Thomas and Oli Guy who all made their debuts. The team had wins against Longfield 25-0, Ian Ramsey 15-5 and a 5-15 loss to a good High Tunstall team. Well done to all below
Kieran Kelly, Joseph Thomas, Michael Skillbeck, Charlie Pilling, Zak Osbourne, Aaron Clennal, Sam Watson, Tom Smith, Isaac Sanderson, Reece Graham, Jack Peverall, Luke Nelson, Sam Ridley, Oli Guy, James Wilson


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Year 8 Rugby

The Y8 boys carried on where they left off on Tuesday with another unbeaten run in the Cleveland County Tens competition on 12 October. They recorded wins against Ingleby Manor (40-0) Conyers (15-0) and Egglescliffe (17-14).

The performance against Egglescliffe was the stand out result as they were beaten by them last year heavily in the Tees valley semi final. Tries came from Matthew Turnbull Andrew Mckenna and Kyle Mckidd with the last play of the game. Well done to the team! 


Year 8 rugby


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Year 8 Rugby

Congratulations to the YR8 rugby team who equalled last weeks YR9 unbeaten run in the All schools tournament on 11 October at Darlington rugby club. They showed a massive improvement in the quality of play from last year to record wins of 30-0 and 20-0 against Hurworth and Carmel respectively. Well done to the following

Phillip Layfield, Freddie Richings, Joe Whitehouse, Kyle Mckidd, Mason Jenkinson, Jamie Hughes, Charlie Wood, Matthew Turnbull, Max Parker, Oliver Watson, Harry Edwards, Andrew McKenna, Tom Hunt, Ben Ratcliff, Danny Holmes, Jonathan Edwards


 * * * * * * * * * 


Year 9 Rugby

The Y9 boys’ rugby team competed in a recent town tournament and were victorious having won the three matches they played.

We played matches against Wyvern, Longfield and Hurworth academies.



20171003 17125320171003 17125020171003 162456


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Tees Valley Rugby


Year 7 boys took part in the Tees Valley rugby tournament.

The boys showed great team spirit and determination to finally achieve third place in the competition out of a total of ten teams. The team was missing a number of regular players who were away on a school trip, but those players who came in were outstanding. The team were a credit to the school in both behaviour and attitude.

Players: Kade Creighton, Jamie Hughes, Joe Whitehouse, Phillip Layfield, Tom I'Anson, Oli Greaves, Kyle Mckidd, Tom Hunt, Max Parker, Jonathan Edwards, Alex Mason, Elliott Stanton, Harry Brown, Mason Jenkinson, Oli Watson


ResizedImage600319 IMG 0484rugby


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 The year 8 rugby team performed brilliantly to remain unbeaten and to claim the 2017 Tees Valley Rugby title at Acklam Rugby Club.

The team members were: Reece Graham, Kieran Kelly, Tom Walecki, Daniel Hughes, Isaac Sanderson, Sam Watson, Tom Smith, Michael Skilbeck, Zak Osbourne, Aaron Clennal, Harvey Thurlbeck, Jack Innis, Kimi Bishop, Charlie Pilling


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