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Work experience (WEX) is a week long submersion into the real life world of work. The purpose of work experience is to provide an opportunity for students to gain an understanding of what life is like in the employment market; showing them how the work place and the skills they learn at school are linked together.

There are many benefits to work experience:
1. Increase self-confidence;
2. Gain an insight into an employment sector;
3. Gain work experience students can put on their CV or an application form;
4. Gain an insight into what it is like to seek employment;
5. Develop employment skills such as: time managements, organisation etc.

The process of WEX is started in September, with a launch night. Where parents and pupils will receive all the information they need, to proceed in finding a placement. Students, then proceed to find a suitable placement, once they have done this they complete and hand in their ‘blue form’. The process is further underpinned within the students Life skills lessons, where they are supported and guided at all stages e.g. writing a CV; writing an appropriate email or letter.
On receipt of the ‘blue form’ the Academy will then conduct Health & Safety checks- ensuring the placement is viable.

Finally, approximately 2 weeks before students are due to complete WEX, they will be issued with a job description. The job description ensures the student has all the information they require, for a successful placement.

Whilst on their placements, the student will be asked to record their experience within their diary. We aim to touch base with most students on their placement. To ensure there are no problems. Please note not all students will be checked upon, especially those outside of the area. 


Year 10 Parent Guide

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Year 10 Student Guide

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Printable form to be completed by student and employer

Work Experience Placement Examples

Email Example for Work Placement

Letter Example for Work Placement

Blank CV

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