Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI), information on the world of work, allows us to gain knowledge and understanding on how the labour market functions. Such as reflecting upon what the future may have install and how this may impact upon certain jobs. Also, thinking about where certain jobs may be more prevalent, geographically wise.

It is important our students take into account LMI- thinking about which sectors are up and coming and which maybe in decline- this way they can think about which skills they may want to develop, to give them the best opportunity.

Career and LMI includes information on:

Throughout their time at Hummersknott, students will explore all of the above information within their lessons, form time and lifeskills days. As parents it can also be valuable for us to explore this information with our children, to help them prepare and make informed choices about their future.

Below are some useful websites that may be of help: