Leaders and governors have a firm commitment to a rounded education in its fullest sense. This is characterised by a challenging academic curriculum entitlement for all, based around exceptional choice and underpinning effective progression. There is a commitment to languages for all within the comprehensive Ebacc package. The options process is extensive, with a wide range of genuine subject choices including a vocational offer directly linked to potential next steps for employment, education or training. The Academy believes that life skills acquisition through a taught and additional curriculum offer is fundamental to a provision which seeks to develop the whole child.

We aim to provide an extensive extra-curricular offer both within and beyond the academy day, allied to an inclusive approach that commits to wider educational contexts regardless of the impact on headline results.


Years 7 - 9 Subject Curriculum Guides

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Drama overview                                              




French overview

French Enrichment Opportunities                               

Geography overview


German overview

German Scheme of work  

Health and Social Care

History overview                                       



Maths intro

Maths subject overview

Maths year overview

Music unit calendars

Music KS3 & KS4

Music y7     

Music y8

Music y9                                                 



Science overview                                                   


Spanish overall



Key Stage 4

A link to the information booklet on Option Choices available to students and parents in the final two years of study can be downloaded here - 

 In the autumn of year 10 we hold an Information Evening for parents. This explains the ways in which parents can support their child as well as giving information about assessment of work in each subject.

Key stage 4 Curriculum Guide, which sets out what your child will be studying in Years 10 and 11,  may be downloaded here.