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Microsoft Teams guide

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Student Teams guide

15 June 2020

Some of you have said to us that you aren’t sure what ‘Teams’ is or how to get into ‘Teams’.

Some of you have also said to us you have missed ‘Team’ session with your teacher because you didn’t know what it was, or how to get into it and that you really don’t get what ‘Teams’ is all about.

So we have created this short PowerPoint to help you understand what it is and how you use it; we hope this help!

Take care and look after yourselves.


Teams Powerpoint


9 June 2020 - Year 10 - English resources for summer

Letter from Mrs Raine

22 May 2020 - Whole School

An email was sent to all students today about Microsoft Teams being used for teaching - you can read it here

 Also a  document about Best Practice when using Teams was attached - you can read it here

20 May 2020 - Year 9

An email was sent out to Year 9 regarding subjects to be followed from 1 June.  See the explanatory power point here


5 May 2020 - Year 9

An email was sent to year 9 parents today with information re poetry YouTube videos uploaded by the department.  Read here


30 April 2020 - Whole School

Updated arrangements re submission of work - you can read here

3 April 2020 - Whole School

A letter has been sent out re the submission of work - you can read it here

27 March 2020

The MFL teachers have set up Duolingo for French, German and Spanish class in Year 7 to 10. This doesn't replace the work they have set them but think it could keep students entertained.

Students need to create an account and use the code provided to join up. There will be prizes for the students with the most experience points when we return to school.

The codes and instructions to set up an account are on the PDFs which are on the O drive - 2020 uploads/MFL/ (required language). There is then a folder called "Duolingo". In the Duolingo folder is a pdf for each year with the class code - make sure you use the correct class code when you sign up for your work to count.  Instructions on how to acces the O drive below (25 March 16.40)


27 March 2020

Chester zoo is live streaming today - check out their Facebook page  




25 March 2020 16.40

We are aware that there are ongoing issues with accessing the Bromcom VLE and also with downloading resources that have been attached. Along with just about every other school and workplace, we are using systems that have never been tested to this level of traffic before and, not surprisingly, there are teething issues.

In the short term, we have asked teachers to use the Bromcom VLE https://www.bromcomvle.com to set work, but also to put the associated resources in the O drive which can be accessed via Home Access Plus: https://apps.hummersknott.org.uk/hap . Within the O drive we have created a folder "2020 Uploads" and within this folder are sub folders for subjects and then years. Please log off both systems as soon as you have accessed the work you need.

Guides to the Bromcom VLE are available here: https://www.hummersknott.org.uk/assets/Documents/Guides/The-Bromcom-Student-Portal-Guide.pdf and Home Access Plus here: https://www.hummersknott.org.uk/assets/Documents/Guides/Home-Access-Plus-guide.pdf

We are working hard to improve the processes we have put in place and will keep you informed as things change. Thank you for your patience and for the diligence shown by students to their on line working and their responsibility towards accessing work and returning completed tasks.


24 March 2020 1.15 pm

Bromcom are working on their servers hoping to improve the service.  Please do other work in the meantime.  The revision work on the website is still current.

24 March 2020 9 am

Bromcom have said they have fixed the problems so they are hoping for a better day today.

We suggest that when you get on, download everything you need so you don't need to go on again for a while.

Subject: Mathswatch running very slowly

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well. You’ve probably noticed that Mathswatch is running very slowly today and sometimes not at all.

They are aware of this and are saying that they will get it back to normal as soon as they can.

Be patient - the work isn’t going anywhere!

Take care of yourselves,

Mr Davies.

23 March 2020

Bromcom VLE is running very slow, they are aware of this and are currently working on a fix.

Once you get on please download any work you need and upload any completed work at a later time




For Bromcom VLE login details please email helpdesk@hummersknott.org.uk with your student name and tutor group.

Microsoft Office

In order to help you complete work on your computer, as a student of Hummersknott you can download Word, Excel and Powerpoint for free. Please follow these steps:

1. Type portal.office.com into your browser address bar.

2. Enter your school email address as your username (eg z19a.bc@hummersknott.org.uk)

3. Enter your password

4. In the top right is an option to download Office 365


5. Follow the instructions to install the software



Home Access Plus

Bromcom Student Portal guide