Attendance and Leave of Absence


We use Truancy Call an automated service that alerts parents/guardians/carers (priority 1 and 2 contacts) when their child is not present in school and no reason has been provided for the absence. Parents receive calls or emails to inform them that their child is absent. We will aim to do this by 11am each day. This system is used to ensure that both the school and parents are aware of their child’s whereabouts.
If a child is late to school and misses morning registration it is essential that they sign in at reception. If they fail to do so then messages can be sent to parents whose children are in fact in school but have not registered. Naturally this can cause stress for parents and can generate time consuming work with students having to be located in school.
If parents receive a message stating their child is not in school they should respond using the options provided and inform the school why their child is absent. It is useful at this point to also provide the school with their child’s expected date of return. Alternatively parents can call the school on 01325 241191 and select option 1.

Please ensure you inform school straight away if your contact details change, or if you wish to amend priority 1 and 2 contact details. 

Leave of Absence

Parents are asked to avoid taking their child on holiday during term time.  We do however realise that there are times when this is unavoidable.  If you need to do so, please complete a Leave of Absence Form before booking any holiday, it should then be returned to your child's College Manager, who will decide if we will give permission for your child to be absent.  Please note that you may not remove your child from the Academy for more than 10 days in any academic year.

Finally, given the importance of Years 10 and 11, we will only grant leave of absence in exceptional circumstances.