Pearl of Africa

The Pearl of Africa Choir from Uganda visited the academy and worked with students in a variety of workshops. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to experience African drumming, dancing and singing. In the evening the choir performed to a highly appreciative audience.

At the start of each year hundreds of children from Molly and Paul Foundation schools in Uganda audition for the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir during ‘Enrichment Week’. Within the schools there are many talented children and selection is not just based on talent alone, everyone has to also show commitment to their academic studies as choir training takes place after their normal school day. Members of the choir are aged 7 years upwards and after being selected the members live, train and attend school together for nearly 8 months before they arrive in the UK. As well as singing, members of the choir dance, and many of them are also accomplished musicians, drummers and composers. During the tour their mixture of traditional African singing and dancing mixed with their vibrant personalities and colourful costumes excite and entertainment audiences across the country. Each September until early December, the choir members (including a minimum of two teachers from Uganda) tour the UK performing in schools, churches and performance venues. The choir generally spend one or two weeks in each region visiting different schools during the day to provide workshops in African singing, drumming, dancing and craft-making. These workshops provide valuable insight for UK school children to understand a different culture and way of life. Evenings and weekend are spent in local venues and indoor performance spaces where African crafts are on sale to further help reach fundraising targets.


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