Hummersknott Remembers

Hummersknott once again marked the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month with an observation of the national silence. A bell rang to mark the start of the silence and it was concluded, as it has been for many years now, with the Last Post being played in the hub.

Remembrance is a key part of the Academy’s tradition, but seemed particularly poignant in the light of current circumstances and the sacrifices we have seen around the world this year.

Thanks go to Mr Salmond and Miss Newton for assemblies and activities leading up to the Remembrance events, Mr Harvey for his beautiful playing and, of course, to the students who, as they always do, showed impeccable respect in their response.

Hummersknott will remember them.

Mr Harvey, Acting Head of Music gave a beautiful rendition of the Last Post, which you can hear here.  MVI-2423.MP4