Land Rover Challenge

Congratulations to ”Traction”, Alex Mason, Alex Grant and Will Finney (9S-TLC) and Sam Rhodes-Dawber (9W-SRD) who recently took part in the National Championships of the Land Rover 4x4 Challenge, Developing Class. They performed fantastically over the two day event at the British Motor Museum at Gayden on 6 and 7 March, winning a trophy for Star Quality Pit Display.

“Traction” would like to thank their sponsors who made it possible for them to take part in the competition, namely, JTM Plumbing, Jacobs, Aycliffe Engineering, Screentech, Filtronic and Hummersknott Academy

Also joining them to watch the event was “The Wheel Deal”, who were the outright winners of the Entry Class Regional Finals at UTC South Durham. “The Wheel Deal” are Megan Holmes (7Q-TWM), Arabella Simpson (7K-SRN), Hayden Buckley and Rowan Irving (7C-HBR). Members of “Torque Aloud” were also allowed to attend, they were Entry Class Track Stars winners at the Regional Finals. “Torque Aloud” are Sam Nyland-Jones, Max Cooper (8K-CMS) and Jude Hall (8S-TBK)

All the students who took part were fantastic and did a brilliant job to perform so well in this highly prestigious competition.

Special thanks again to Mr Waiton and Miss Tait for their huge contribution in helping these teams to succeed.

Ian Tissington




The car that the students designed and built, had to be remotely driven over two challenging courses located in and on a Land Rover Discovery.