Darlington Town Swimming Gala

Town Swimming Gala Winners!

Darlington Town Swimming Gala took place on Wednesday 23rd March 2022.

A school squad of around 50 boys and girls from across the 5 year groups took part. All students were amazing representing Hummersknott Academy throughout the gala.

We had a lot of fantastic performances!

Individual races we were placed in the top 3.
Medley relays & Freestyle relays we were placed in the top 2.
Diving boys - Jamie Sturman came 2nd overall & Remy Lee came 4th overall in the girl's event.

Corporation Cup
Boys 1st place Sam Beukenholdt, 4th Euan Jones, 5th Alex Morton & 8th Kian Wood.
Girls 7th place Emily Robson.

New records
Boys 1 Length Breaststroke - Hugo Douglas-Reeves

Boys 3x1 Length Medley Relay Bk - Alex Morton, Brst - Hugo Douglas-Reeves, Fc - Max Innis

Mixed 6x1 length Freestyle Relay, Yr7's Harry Whitfield & Maddie O'Doherty, Yr8's Hugo Douglas-Reeves & Leah Kell, Yr 9/10's Seth Farmer & Zoe Hodgson.

Boys overall winners - Hummersknott Academy

Girls overall winners - Hummersknott Academy

Overall winners - Hummersknott Academy won by 45 points which is a fantastic achievement from everyone involved.

Special thank you to Mr Souter who recorded all score/results for the evening and Owen Ovens Y9 who helped look after the swimming team!