Lego Challenge July 2019

One of our Lego Challenges taking place in DT run by Mr Barker and judged by Miss Armes.

Four teams took part in two challenges. They were Blue Phoenix, Sans, Lego Legends and Pineapple Supreme.

The first challenge was to interpret 'The Scream' and was won by Sans.

The second challenge was to construct Big Ben and was won by Lego Legends.

Well done to all teams and thanks to Miss Armes our guest judge, and of course Mr Barker for making it all possible!

SAM 0089
SAM 0090
SAM 0091
SAM 0092
SAM 0093
SAM 0094
SAM 0095
SAM 0096
SAM 0097
SAM 0098
SAM 0099
SAM 0100
SAM 0101
SAM 0102